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Aloha yoga studio is again open!  There are many live and online classes - but only in Czech. See the Schedule.


Enjoy Aloha yoga's extensive schedule!

" The most essential things are happening right here, right now.”


 Why Aloha yoga? Aloha is not just mere greetings; aloha is a symbol of life based on sharing – sharing of our joy, attention and love, both to ourselves and to the others; a symbol of life that is true and honest in every single moment.

We are bringing this “Aloha spirit” into our yoga studio. Our highly professional yoga classes are guided with kind and attentive attitude in homely, joyful and non-competitive environment. In our yoga practice, either dynamic or gentle, we always follow the healthy movement principles. Various breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation are an integral part of our yoga classes.


Do not hesitate to ask which open class  is the right for you - depending on your experience, age, healthy limitations, fitness, lifestyle or actual feelings. We can offer you also private classes created directly to your (and your friends’) needs or the physiotherapy sessions.


We hope you will feel much better not only during and after one concrete yoga class but that you will keep the joyful and mindful living of each moment into your daily life.


Welcome. Aloha. Namaste

Lenka Lustigová on behalf of entire Aloha team

Take care of yourselves as well as of other yogis in the studio, thank you! The clients' instructions valid on Sept 1, 2020 - after new government's regulations: 

  • please do not attend the classes if you do not feel well (mainly in case of any respiratory issues, cough or other symptoms of the disease);​

  • please wash your hands with the disinfectant gel upon your entrance to the studio;

  • please bring your own yogamat; if you do not have any, you can use our yogamats in the studio but please bring your large towel to cover the mat;

  • please clean our yogamats, blocks and balls with the disinfectant spray after the class;

  • the mouth masks are not used during the classes.

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