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Daniela Pařízková

  • Hatha and yin yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance

  • Akasha school of yoga

My own yoga practice began 16 years ago. I have tried many different styles and approaches since then and studied under Czech and foreign teachers as Angela Jervis-Read, Lucie Konigová, Šárka Soudková or Veronika Carmanová. Currently, I am interested mainly in hatha yoga, yin yoga and yoga therapy concepts. I am focused on precise building of the postures, mindful movements, as well as on functioning of our breath. I largely use the support of yoga bolsters, blocks as well as essential oils during my classes. The aim both of my own practice and my the classes is simply to feel better and keep new physical and emotional feelings even beyond yoga mat. Yoga principles as stira sukha asana (stable and comfortable posture), áhimsá (non-violence, even to ourselves) and santosha (contentment) could be felt in all my classes. Most of my adult life, I am working also as an arts manager, producer and arts consultant in theatre, film and fine arts in the Czech Rep. and internationally.

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