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Iva Jindráková

  • Yoga Teacher, (RYS 200) Poweryoga / Hatahayoga  (Power Yoga Akademie)

  • Yoga position technique (Aneta Králová, Power Yoga Akademie)

  • Yoga for healthy back (Lenka Oravcová)

  • Vinyasa Flow yoga (Dana Beierová,Power Yoga Akademie)

I fell in love with yoga immediately about 15 years ago at my first yoga class. It was a challenge to move my whole body and it has become an integral part of my life. I feel inner stillness and contentment. Thanks to yoga practice I understand my body much better and I have learned to feel the present moment. We can always find and improve something new on our yoga journey.

My yoga classes are more dynamic in power yoga or vinyasa style but I always follow the principles of healthy movement, the perception of ourselves and our flowing breath. 

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