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Iveta Romanovská

  • longterm study with teachers at Daramshala (yogi Shivadas, Shivam)

  • pregnancy and postnatal yoga

  • Fitness & Aerobics Instructor (FISAF)

  • Reiki 

  • masseuse - sport, relacation, lymphatic, ayurvedic, tantra massages 

  • EFT therapy and Tibetian bowls therapy 

  • Dorn method, Breuss massage, cupping technique 

I started dancing when I was 5 years old and dance was the centerpiece of my universe. Unexpected illness, however, shifted the turnout of my life's tracks and my interest inevitably began deepening to the body as a whole and to the soul, energy and things between heaven and earth. There as a very young woman, I stepped forward the path of macrobiotics and started practicing reiki, tantra and finally yoga.
After a few years of orienting myself in these directions at home and recovering, I started to travel and explore my possibilities. I worked with disabled people in the USA and took several courses in the Indian Himalayas and elsewhere. 
I also love rides on my bike, trekking in the mountains, staying in the woods, dancing, music and human creativity. I have a passion for  swimming as well and hardening in natural waters (especially when freezing). 
This variety is also reflected in my yoga classes, where I still try to invent new combinations and practices. Whether you come to a dynamic lesson or gentle yoga, I always pay attention to the correct positioning. I try to have the most individual approach so that yoga helps everyone to improve physical and mental health and brings joy and satisfaction, as it does to me daily.
"Don't try to figure out who you are, but be who you want to be ...". I try to listen to it every day :)

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