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Yin Yoga (75 min)

Iara Martinez

Thursdays 19:15-20:30

8 spots only

"Enter your own body,
there you have a solid place for your feet", said the wise Kabir.
We enter our sacred space of Natural wisdom connecting with breath and movement, gently, slowly. Finding ourselves a new.
In the moment, moment after moment.
Meditation. Yoga. Expanding into sensing. Sensing and watching.

If you are dealing with stress,
if you feel separated from your body and wish to reconnect,
if you love meditation (or want to know more about it)
if you already know Yin yoga and are looking for a place to practice.
if your life have too much Yang,
if you feel your body tight,
if you want to dive deep within yourself.
Yin Yoga have SO many benefits, it just feels great to practice YIN

Classes led by Iara Martinez


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